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May 24, 2011

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To thy own self be true. We often live our lives according to the whims of others. Whether they be our parents, friends or teachers. Many of us choose our jobs and hobbies with the intention of pleasing those whom already surround us. Sometimes we become successful with these things, often we don’t. As a younger man, I would spend a lot of time hunting and fishing and camping with my family. I thought that I did these activities because I loved to do them. But upon moving out on my own, I ceased most of them within a few months. I began to realize that I did them because my fathers passion influenced me. Left to my own devices, I would rather pick up a book or a paintbrush or perhaps find a little dive restaurant with a close friend. I like to daydream and am fascinated by both future technology and ancient civilizations, as opposed to drunken bush parties or hitting the hottest clubs.

Growing up in small town Canada though, I was not only influence by my father but just by what I was SUPPOSED to be. I was supposed to love camping. I was supposed to like AC/DC and Nickelback and Seether, not Norah Jones and Amos Lee and Alexi Murdoch. I was supposed to watch hockey every time there was a game on, not be reading science fiction novels. And so, as I grew older I stopped doing the things that I enjoyed and started to participate in things that would help me fit in. I hung out with people I didn’t like and who didn’t particularly like me. I was an outcast among my friends. I was miserable and it only added to my depression.

And now, I’m surrounded by wonderfully eccentric people who love me precisely for the the things that others thought made me weak. I chose to do the things that made me happy and it has made all the difference in my life.

Don’t let those fools tell what it means to be strong. What it means to be alive. Always always always follow your heart. You’ll never be steered wrong. Your heart is the guiding light of your life. Listen to it. “First star on the right and straight on till morning.”

Much love.



Law of Attraction Tip #3 May 19, 2011

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Where you give your focus, is what you will manifest in your life. For instance, do you read the news? What did the paper say today? I looked. The first 30 pages focused on war, strife, murder, disaster and politics. The primary emotions of these subjects are more often than not, anxiety and stress. And the results of this daily dose of anxiety, morning after morning? Situations in your own life causing these same emotions of anxiety and stress. Traffic jams. Chronic sickness. Obesity. Problems with your family and your spouse and your co-workers.

And vice versa. Focusing on, and stressing out about any of these other problems will do nothing but snowball your stress into other areas of your life. You cannot heal ANY part of your life if your attention is focused on situations and circumstances that you do not want in another area of your life. It’s a never-ending cycle. You must learn to accept your current situation and feel good about it. Feeling great would be better, but I know from personal experience that it’s very difficult to feel great when you’ve eaten only a can of peaches in the last two days. Feeling good is a start. And it’s certainly up from where you are right now, is it not?

I have a few really wonderful memories that I’ve managed to preserve in my mind almost photographically, that I call on when I’m in a situation that causes me angst. I find a quiet place, close my eyes, and call on these memories, then smile as I vividly relive them.

Another trick? Give something away. When I was broke and hungry, I gave away a precious can of fruit to a homeless man outside of the grocery store. Why? I knew how it felt to be hungry. But I was in a better position than he. I had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in! How lucky was I?! It made me feel good, and very soon after, I began to attract more situations and circumstances that made me feel good.

Another thing, keep a log of the good things that happened to you in a day. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by events and forget how great you have it. Start with “I woke up in a warm bed.” “I ate a warm breakfast.” I was early for work.” “A co-worker brought coffee and donuts for everyone.” “My boss congratulated me on a job well done.” It’s a very simple thing.

Try it, I’m sure you’ll notice a difference.


May 3, 2011

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We all embody  a form of perfection, though it’s often not an easy thing to see. To see our own perfection we must see the perfection in those around us. We must be willing to give ourselves fully to what makes each of us unique. We must nurture our strengths and talents, whatever they might be. To truly give your all in something is perfection and is reflected to the people around you. Rock stars know this. Professional athletes know this. Highly successful businessmen know this. Artists know this. Anyone who has ever done anything great knew that to feel the perfection within themselves, they would need to dedicate themselves. To give themselves fully to whatever it was that made them come alive. Not everyone is an elite athlete. Not everyone is an artistic savant or a professional athlete. But what if you were an elite salesman? A third grade teaching savant? A professional husband? We aren’t all meant for ‘celebrity’ greatness, but there is greatness and perfection in whatever it is we choose to dedicate ourselves to. Funny thing though, by becoming the best at what you do, no matter what it is, you can become famous if that is what you seek. Tattoo artists, pawn shop owners, fitness coaches and handymen all have their own televisions shows. The one commonality is a desire to be the BEST. A dedication to perfecting their craft. People pay to watch these people because they are in complete and utter awe at the magnificence of someone who has dedicated their life to plying their trade.

What do you think the worlds best plumber does for a living? He probably isn’t fixing your clogged toilet. I would guess that he is designing and building the plumbing systems in a nuclear power plant, or something equally important.

“But I’m just a waitress”, you might say. What if you were the best waitress in the world? What restaurants would you serve in? Noma in Denmark? The Fat Duck in the UK? Or perhaps L’Astrance in France? What sorts of tips do you think you would receive on a nightly basis? Certainly more than a $100. $300? $600? $1000? Remember, millionaires and billionaires eat in these places. “Well I’m too fat.” Then get a gym membership! “I’m not pretty enough.” Learn to smile. “I don’t speak french.” One of the easier languages to learn. Remember, you create your own reality. Set out and see it through. Or say “I can’t”.

CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T. SHUT UP. The only “can’t” is the can’t that you impose on yourself. You just refuse to see the truth. Because along the way, someone told you that you weren’t good enough and you believed them. Well, I’ll tell you something. They’re the ones who are scared. They can’t handle it. So they bring you down to their level. The fact that someone could be greater than them was a terrifying thought. I’ve run across guys who used to pick on me in high school. Guess what? They’re fat. They still do too many drugs and drink too much beer. They still can’t maintain a relationship nor hold a job. Are you going to let that guy tell you that you aren’t good enough? You’re better than that and I know it.

You just need to decide to be great.

Much love.



Law of Attraction Tip #2 April 24, 2011

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Funny how a choice and 24 hours can change things. This is sort of an update to yesterdays post, in which I made the commitment to commit. You can read it here to catch up.

Today, my co-worker and I were standing around minding the showroom. It’s the Saturday of the Easter long weekend and so, predictably our dealership was very slow. Eventually a younger man and his girlfriend came in and began browsing around. Now, for anyone who doesn’t understand the car sales industry, it can be extremely cutthroat at times, so when my co-worker motioned for me to take this customer I was taken aback. Normally the younger gentlemen who come in tend to look at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of our product but he was asking questions that didn’t suit that area, and so, after some talking back and forth I discovered that he was interested in our top of the line sports car. Wonderful! Younger guys like this tend to be tire kickers with no real desire to purchase, so imagine my surprise when I discovered  that he was able to drop cash for this particular automobile? Super wonderful! It turns out his father is a commercial real estate mogul in our city. Wow. Just my luck. 😉 So he’s coming back next week to purchase the car with cash.

But that’s not all. My best friend actually called me a few minutes ago and asked if I was seeing anyone. The answer being no, he told me that he would like to set me up with a lady who is aiming to be a doctor! Imagine that? A heavily tattooed hippie guy who has never had a girlfriend, and a highly educated doctor and he thinks enough of us both to set us up on a date. I’ve no idea if it will work out, but two wonderful events in less than a day is more than coincidence.

The Law of Attraction is real. It works. You just need to be aware and recognize it for what it is. By being willing to commit, I attracted a committed buyer and a potentially committed woman. Go figure. That’s magic if I ever saw it.


The Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

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So it’s a little departure from the songs that normally make me happy, but the Beastie Boys just do it. They’ve got a passion for what they do and it shows through. Passion makes all things possible. Enjoy!


Law of Attraction Tip #1 April 23, 2011

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My very first post on the law of Attraction. I’m not quite sure how to explain it to the uninitiated. I would recommend watching the movie ‘The Secret’. This movie is sort of a synapse, and is truly just the tip of the iceberg. I’m unsure if I will ever truly understand it myself, but I have managed to come to understand bits and pieces. I’ll explain in various blog posts how I’ve used it and come to understand it.

My best friend and I are both currently car salesmen. Recently we were sitting down with a couple of beers as young men are apt to do from time to time, and he was telling me where his difficulties were in his dealership. Essentially, he was having problems with customers who were constantly arguing about the cost and price of the cars he was selling. As we talked it over I remembered something that he had mentioned in a conversation a few weeks earlier, and so I asked him if he had concerns with money in his own life. Low and behold he admitted that he was very concerned with his own finances.

I then began looking at what sorts of objections were showing up with my own customers. It was a pattern of indecisiveness. Most of them were had no ideas which product they wanted and often ended up making no decision. Often, I believe, because they were scared of making the wrong decision or that they might not like the car a year down the road. I realized that this has often been a pattern in my own life. I’ve been a very indecisive for much of my life and it has always been a bane.

I’ve committed now to something. I commit to being a teacher and a leader. I want to empower the masses and I want to awaken people to their own greatness. That’s what I commit to.

So! In a nutshell, this is just one of many ways that the law of attraction can affect our lives. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, people.



Do Unto April 22, 2011

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I love the old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”. But I believe that’s only part of it. Yes, we should treat others as we wish to be treated, but I think that there is something that’s even more important. “Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.”. Equally important. How often do we give give give to others while giving nothing to ourselves. We do not realize that we MUST love ourselves before we can truly love others. Try as you might you will never find joy in the things you do. You may be successful in a career, but you will not be happy. You may have a successful relationship, but you will not be truly happy in it. Try as you might, something will always be missing.

It is a difficult thing to take time for yourself when there are so many demands on each moment of your day, is it not? Actually, it’s not. There are simpole things that you can do that are just for you and no-one else. A simple one that takes not time, when you get out of the shower don’t t cover yourself in a towel. Take an extra moment to look in the mirror and notice one thing that you like about your body. Remember, there are no flaws. Perfection is what you must see. I don’t even believe in flaws but that’s not the point here. The point is that you must start to see yourself as a perfect physical being. Whatever God you believe in created you to be perfect, did he not? Do you understand the perfect set of coincidences that had to happen for you to even be born? Your parents had to be in the right place at the right time. The right sperm at to make it’s way through, and, as you grew, your mothers habits influenced everything that you would become.

What have you been putting off because someone else already needs your money or time? “But I just don’t have the time” you say. When will you have the time then? Here’s a thought. Stop watching t.v. Just cancel it. There. Problem solved and about 15 hours added to your week. What could you do in 15 hours per week? Write a book? Exercise? Perhaps you want to go back to school or learn to play the guitar? Maybe you just saw the review for a delightful little restaurant and your husband isn’t interested in going. Treat yourself! You deserve it. Maybe you’re interested in martial arts but your wife is intimidated by the idea? That’s fine. Go for it. It’s time for you to look after you.

So what’s my favorite way to treat myself? Get a massage. The touch of another human being is powerful. Especially the touch of someone who is dedicated to the healing arts. Many of us do not get enough physical contact in our daily lives. It is even proven that regular physical contact is a requirement for spiritual and emotional health. Something as simple as a hug can have healing benefits for the mind body and soul that can be far more powerful than any medication.

Should I go on?

Do you compliment yourself? Do you praise yourself for a job well done?

Do you love yourself? In fact, this is bigger than perhaps any other idea here. Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look. Look at your wrinkles, wispy hair, eyelashes and peach fuzz. You need to see yourself through fresh eyes. Pick a body part and focus on it every day until you love it. Every time you look in the mirror make it a point to compliment yourself on that body part. It may take some time but you will begin to love it.

Keep it up!

Peace and love and candy to everyone


Baby Steps to Inner Peace April 20, 2011

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I have a voice that longs to be heard. Peace to be shared. Love to be freely given. My strength is not in myself, but in those who have shared themselves with me.(Get your mind out of the gutter.) It is in the knowledge that peace is attainable and that love is infinite. This is the world that I see and the world that we all deserve to live in.

You may not believe as I do, but I promise you it is true. A friendly hug. A love letter. A hearty laugh. Even a kind thought, kept to yourself and directed at a passing stranger. Love is not meant to be directed at one particular person and it is not a grandiose gesture to be performed from time to time. Each one is a drop in the bucket, but the cumulative effect of which is not seen until the bucket overflows. It is the same with peace. Each of us is no more than a drop. Not particularly noticeable alone and easily burned away by the sun. But as a whole? We become infinitely more powerful. My strength is not in myself, it is in you, as yours is in me. Peace is the movement. Love is the answer.

But we are imperfect creatures in this perfect world. Both you and I take for granted those that we care the most for. We judge before we know. We ignore our own morals and justify it to ourselves. We fail and we fall. And we are lifted up again. We stand and move forward. Unfailingly and courageous. We all have an inner strength that shows itself in times of despair. When the night is blackest, our inner light shines and we are aware that the dwn is soon to break. We know that the night will always come and we know that the sun will always rise again. Yin and yang. There is no love without hurt, for how would we know what love feels like?

We have the strength to change, but to succeed we must accept. You must accept the racist and love them regardless. Accept the murderer the bank robber and the rapist. Have you walked their shoes? do you know the roads they have traveled?

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find sorrow and suffering enough to dispel all hostility.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If you have not walked that road how could you possibly be the one to pass judgement? I have been abused in every way you can think of. Sexually. Physically. Mentally and emotionally. I have suffered tremendous hurts and yet I refuse to believe that there is anyone beyond help. I believe that I can be an end to the cycle of hatred and violence. If peace doesn’t begin right here and now, where DOES it begin? Forgiveness is divine. Could you forgive? Forgive the man who raped you or the murderer who took the life of the one closest to you? Will carrying the pain  in your heart undo what has been done? No, the only thing it accomplishes is to spread more hate in the world. To prematurely age you and to lessen the quality of your life. To carry hate is to become less than what you deserve to be Forgiveness does not mean to forget or to condone. It is to accept and to let go. Remember though, to forgive does not mean to forget or condone. It is merely letting go. I really truly honestly believe that love can rehabilitate even the most heinous of criminals while hatred does nothing but lessen the quality of your own life. You dampen your own magnificent spirit with hatred and become something less than what you are meant to be.

What if you knew that the man who molested you had lived through war. Watched his friends die around him and his family starve. Been taken in by those who only thought to abuse him and then left him to fend for himself. Would you still hate? Or just might you find some compassion in your heart. Right and wrong is not always a cut and dry matter. Morality comes in shades of gray sometimes, and the best we can do… well… the best we can do is love, and pray that it’s enough.


Random Thought #6 April 11, 2011

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29 years old. 15 different jobs. And what to show? I find myself far from where a man of my age “should” be in life. Perhaps the average person would look at me with some form of contempt. Perhaps he might look down on me as a drifter. A man who can’t hold a job. Lazy or incompetent. Imbecile. I’ve never been fired from a job. I’ve been laid off a few times, but more often than not I quit when the job no longer suits me. I learn what I must and I move on. It is as simple as that. I cannot bare to stagnate; to rot on the vine.

I’ve worked many jobs. Waiter. Train conductor. Plumber. Car salesman. Courtesy shuttle driver. Some have paid well. Others…. not so much. I’ve learned leadership. I’ve learned organization. I’ve learned to be assertive. I’ve learned what hard work truly is and I’ve learned to slow down. I’ve learned to support and to allow myself to be supported.

Our lives are what we make of them. Nothing more, and nothing less. We are only as great as the experiences we take from our lives and when we face a challenge head on, only then do we grow and become what we long to be. We are not born as cowards. I became a car salesman because it terrified me. This is why I WILL have those things which I desire.

What fear have you faced? What fear have you conquered? Yes, you deserve high praise indeed. We both do. Few of us ever use our so-called higher intellect to control our fear and rise above what we “should” be capable of. But we do just that and we grow ever more powerful because of it. When you decide what it is we want to overcome you will be thrust into those situations time and time again. It is up to you to recognize that the lesson has been laid before you. Take it. Seize it. Become great.


Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky March 28, 2011

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