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Music to Heal March 27, 2011

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Music. The one true universal human language. Every country. Every culture. All languages, social backgrounds, vocations and places in society. From the most powerful leaders to the lowliest of slaves. We use music to illuminate. To speak. To tell stories and to celebrate. To dream and to pray. A scene in a movie can be made infinitely more powerful when scored with the right music. We have music that reminds us of our first kiss, or the first time we made love to our significant others. A song can bring back wonderful memories.

For myself, music has been a very powerful thing. When I was first coming out of my depression, I was sitting in my car when the song Moments by Emerson Drive came on. For the first time in ten years I cried. Since I was a young teenager I had been suppressing my emotions. When I would become emotional I would just drink or abuse myself physically to distract from those emotions. But here I was, sitting alone in my car. I wanted to change the song but I couldn’t and then there was a release… a weight off of my shoulders by the end of the song that I just couldn’t describe. Shortly after that time I quit drinking as a crutch. I was suddenly able to go out and only have one beer. I could sit at home and not feel tempted to drink. All because of one song.

I believe, as do many others, that everything that exists in the universe is energy. When you break it down, we are made of the same stuff as the sun and the same stuff as that chair that you’re sitting on. Music is the same. It is energy. You may not be able to see it, but you can feel it’s vibrations around you. Such is the phrase, “let the music wash over you”. Like a great tidal wave, that sonic energy can wash away all weariness. The thing about energy is that it affects other energy. Just as radiation can affect your cells, so too can music. At an even deeper level, I believe that different tones can have different effects. For instance, the difference in feelings that you get between listening to a band like Slayer and a band like The Beatles. I’ll just say that I’ve rarely met an aggressive Beatles fan.

Another factor, and what I think is most important, is the intention that the music was created with and the passion and creative ENERGY that went into creating that music. You might have noticed it yourself. We have all found a piece of music outside of our preferred genre that spoke to us. We just felt that we knew exactly what the artist was thinking and feeling when they wrote it. For a moment we knew the deepest parts of their souls. That’s the music that can capture a heart and lift a spirit. I believe that this is the purpose of music. What happens when there is a natural disaster or a great loss of life? Within days there are benefit concerts announced. Musicians offer the proceeds from their album sales to help those who were affected. In the disaster areas, people often play their music in the streets. I always remember the scene from a movie that I’m unable to remember of a violinist playing in the middle of a bombed out Berlin at the end of World War II. Another is the scene from Titanic in which the band has accepted their fate and continue to play their music even as the ship sinks beneath them.

So make a playlist of music that moves you. Listen to it every day. Don’t worry, you’ll never become bored with these songs if they are the right ones. And if you do become bored with them, it’s working, and you’ve realized a change. Find new songs that reflect the new you or the you that you want to become and make a new playlist. Use the music to grow.

Happy listening


Peace and love and adorable kittens.


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