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Random Thought #6 April 11, 2011

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29 years old. 15 different jobs. And what to show? I find myself far from where a man of my age “should” be in life. Perhaps the average person would look at me with some form of contempt. Perhaps he might look down on me as a drifter. A man who can’t hold a job. Lazy or incompetent. Imbecile. I’ve never been fired from a job. I’ve been laid off a few times, but more often than not I quit when the job no longer suits me. I learn what I must and I move on. It is as simple as that. I cannot bare to stagnate; to rot on the vine.

I’ve worked many jobs. Waiter. Train conductor. Plumber. Car salesman. Courtesy shuttle driver. Some have paid well. Others…. not so much. I’ve learned leadership. I’ve learned organization. I’ve learned to be assertive. I’ve learned what hard work truly is and I’ve learned to slow down. I’ve learned to support and to allow myself to be supported.

Our lives are what we make of them. Nothing more, and nothing less. We are only as great as the experiences we take from our lives and when we face a challenge head on, only then do we grow and become what we long to be. We are not born as cowards. I became a car salesman because it terrified me. This is why I WILL have those things which I desire.

What fear have you faced? What fear have you conquered? Yes, you deserve high praise indeed. We both do. Few of us ever use our so-called higher intellect to control our fear and rise above what we “should” be capable of. But we do just that and we grow ever more powerful because of it. When you decide what it is we want to overcome you will be thrust into those situations time and time again. It is up to you to recognize that the lesson has been laid before you. Take it. Seize it. Become great.


2 Responses to “Random Thought #6”

  1. tesstgirl Says:

    I agree, sixteen years old and I’m tired of everyone asking me what I want to do when I get out of school. I don’t think that I could stay in one job for the rest of my life (or untill I got fired). There are so many things I want to do and a lot of them take collage and more school.

    • arschram Says:

      If there is one piece of advice I could give you, it’s that you cannot make a life decision when you’ve barely begun to experience life. I find that this happened with many of my current friends and I’m beginning to notice it with most of my younger friends. They finished high school and either took a year off or went straight to post secondary. They did the “respectable” thing. But by the time they realize that they don’t want to be an accountant for the next forty years it’s too late. They are three years into school and committed. And so they get to middle age. They are exhausted and frustrated. Usually bored. And worst of all, regretful that they gave up too quickly and didn’t pursue their dreams with more passion. Mediocrity has a way of dampening spirits. Just my opinion! Live life, put yourself in situations that force you to discover yourself. Listen to that inner goddess and go for it. 😉

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