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Law of Attraction Tip #3 May 19, 2011

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Where you give your focus, is what you will manifest in your life. For instance, do you read the news? What did the paper say today? I looked. The first 30 pages focused on war, strife, murder, disaster and politics. The primary emotions of these subjects are more often than not, anxiety and stress. And the results of this daily dose of anxiety, morning after morning? Situations in your own life causing these same emotions of anxiety and stress. Traffic jams. Chronic sickness. Obesity. Problems with your family and your spouse and your co-workers.

And vice versa. Focusing on, and stressing out about any of these other problems will do nothing but snowball your stress into other areas of your life. You cannot heal ANY part of your life if your attention is focused on situations and circumstances that you do not want in another area of your life. It’s a never-ending cycle. You must learn to accept your current situation and feel good about it. Feeling great would be better, but I know from personal experience that it’s very difficult to feel great when you’ve eaten only a can of peaches in the last two days. Feeling good is a start. And it’s certainly up from where you are right now, is it not?

I have a few really wonderful memories that I’ve managed to preserve in my mind almost photographically, that I call on when I’m in a situation that causes me angst. I find a quiet place, close my eyes, and call on these memories, then smile as I vividly relive them.

Another trick? Give something away. When I was broke and hungry, I gave away a precious can of fruit to a homeless man outside of the grocery store. Why? I knew how it felt to be hungry. But I was in a better position than he. I had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in! How lucky was I?! It made me feel good, and very soon after, I began to attract more situations and circumstances that made me feel good.

Another thing, keep a log of the good things that happened to you in a day. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by events and forget how great you have it. Start with “I woke up in a warm bed.” “I ate a warm breakfast.” I was early for work.” “A co-worker brought coffee and donuts for everyone.” “My boss congratulated me on a job well done.” It’s a very simple thing.

Try it, I’m sure you’ll notice a difference.


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