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May 3, 2011

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We all embody¬† a form of perfection, though it’s often not an easy thing to see. To see our own perfection we must see the perfection in those around us. We must be willing to give ourselves fully to what makes each of us unique. We must nurture our strengths and talents, whatever they might be. To truly give your all in something is perfection and is reflected to the people around you. Rock stars know this. Professional athletes know this. Highly successful businessmen know this. Artists know this. Anyone who has ever done anything great knew that to feel the perfection within themselves, they would need to dedicate themselves. To give themselves fully to whatever it was that made them come alive. Not everyone is an elite athlete. Not everyone is an artistic savant or a professional athlete. But what if you were an elite salesman? A third grade teaching savant? A professional husband? We aren’t all meant for ‘celebrity’ greatness, but there is greatness and perfection in whatever it is we choose to dedicate ourselves to. Funny thing though, by becoming the best at what you do, no matter what it is, you can become famous if that is what you seek. Tattoo artists, pawn shop owners, fitness coaches and handymen all have their own televisions shows. The one commonality is a desire to be the BEST. A dedication to perfecting their craft. People pay to watch these people because they are in complete and utter awe at the magnificence of someone who has dedicated their life to plying their trade.

What do you think the worlds best plumber does for a living? He probably isn’t fixing your clogged toilet. I would guess that he is designing and building the plumbing systems in a nuclear power plant, or something equally important.

“But I’m just a waitress”, you might say. What if you were the best waitress in the world? What restaurants would you serve in? Noma in Denmark? The Fat Duck in the UK? Or perhaps L’Astrance in France? What sorts of tips do you think you would receive on a nightly basis? Certainly more than a $100. $300? $600? $1000? Remember, millionaires and billionaires eat in these places. “Well I’m too fat.” Then get a gym membership! “I’m not pretty enough.” Learn to smile. “I don’t speak french.” One of the easier languages to learn. Remember, you create your own reality. Set out and see it through. Or say “I can’t”.

CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T. SHUT UP. The only “can’t” is the can’t that you impose on yourself. You just refuse to see the truth. Because along the way, someone told you that you weren’t good enough and you believed them. Well, I’ll tell you something. They’re the ones who are scared. They can’t handle it. So they bring you down to their level. The fact that someone could be greater than them was a terrifying thought. I’ve run across guys who used to pick on me in high school. Guess what? They’re fat. They still do too many drugs and drink too much beer. They still can’t maintain a relationship nor hold a job. Are you going to let that guy tell you that you aren’t good enough? You’re better than that and I know it.

You just need to decide to be great.

Much love.



Random Thought #6 April 11, 2011

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29 years old. 15 different jobs. And what to show? I find myself far from where a man of my age “should” be in life. Perhaps the average person would look at me with some form of contempt. Perhaps he might look down on me as a drifter. A man who can’t hold a job. Lazy or incompetent. Imbecile. I’ve never been fired from a job. I’ve been laid off a few times, but more often than not I quit when the job no longer suits me. I learn what I must and I move on. It is as simple as that. I cannot bare to stagnate; to rot on the vine.

I’ve worked many jobs. Waiter. Train conductor. Plumber. Car salesman. Courtesy shuttle driver. Some have paid well. Others…. not so much. I’ve learned leadership. I’ve learned organization. I’ve learned to be assertive. I’ve learned what hard work truly is and I’ve learned to slow down. I’ve learned to support and to allow myself to be supported.

Our lives are what we make of them. Nothing more, and nothing less. We are only as great as the experiences we take from our lives and when we face a challenge head on, only then do we grow and become what we long to be. We are not born as cowards. I became a car salesman because it terrified me. This is why I WILL have those things which I desire.

What fear have you faced? What fear have you conquered? Yes, you deserve high praise indeed. We both do. Few of us ever use our so-called higher intellect to control our fear and rise above what we “should” be capable of. But we do just that and we grow ever more powerful because of it. When you decide what it is we want to overcome you will be thrust into those situations time and time again. It is up to you to recognize that the lesson has been laid before you. Take it. Seize it. Become great.