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Law of Attraction Tip #2 April 24, 2011

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Funny how a choice and 24 hours can change things. This is sort of an update to yesterdays post, in which I made the commitment to commit. You can read it here to catch up.

Today, my co-worker and I were standing around minding the showroom. It’s the Saturday of the Easter long weekend and so, predictably our dealership was very slow. Eventually a younger man and his girlfriend came in and began browsing around. Now, for anyone who doesn’t understand the car sales industry, it can be extremely cutthroat at times, so when my co-worker motioned for me to take this customer I was taken aback. Normally the younger gentlemen who come in tend to look at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of our product but he was asking questions that didn’t suit that area, and so, after some talking back and forth I discovered that he was interested in our top of the line sports car. Wonderful! Younger guys like this tend to be tire kickers with no real desire to purchase, so imagine my surprise when I discovered  that he was able to drop cash for this particular automobile? Super wonderful! It turns out his father is a commercial real estate mogul in our city. Wow. Just my luck. đŸ˜‰ So he’s coming back next week to purchase the car with cash.

But that’s not all. My best friend actually called me a few minutes ago and asked if I was seeing anyone. The answer being no, he told me that he would like to set me up with a lady who is aiming to be a doctor! Imagine that? A heavily tattooed hippie guy who has never had a girlfriend, and a highly educated doctor and he thinks enough of us both to set us up on a date. I’ve no idea if it will work out, but two wonderful events in less than a day is more than coincidence.

The Law of Attraction is real. It works. You just need to be aware and recognize it for what it is. By being willing to commit, I attracted a committed buyer and a potentially committed woman. Go figure. That’s magic if I ever saw it.


Love and the Law of Attraction March 19, 2011

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We all want more love in our lives. More laughter. More intimacy. More passion in our interpersonal lives. And like the bottle of ketchup on the top shelf, we are blind to what’s right in front of our eyes.

For many years I lived a very lonely existence. Distant relationships with family. Friends who were not friends. A social circle that wasn’t much of a circle. More of an oblong shape than anything. My nights were spent alone, in darkness.

I was miserable because I felt alone and I was alone because I felt miserable. It was a vicious cycle, as the saying goes.

Overcoming this was a years long ordeal and all of the changes that I had to make will be shared in coming posts, but for now I’d like to relate my search for love directly to the Law Of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a fickle thing. You cannot force it or bend it to your will. It has a will of it’s own, wherein you play your part. Trying to control it and force the things that you want to manifest is like trying to force a cow to jump through a flaming hoop. It is simply an exercise in futility. When you simply allow it to do it’s thing, it’s truly amazing to behold.

Since I became aware of the Law, I’ve been trying to understand it and know it’s intricacies and how to “make it work. I’ve had on and off success, often with small things. Perhaps thinking of a song I haven’t heard in years, I would suddenly have the urge to listen to a new radio station and voila. Or setting out to find an old friend from a different part of Canada 20 years ago and, through a series of amazing coincidences, finding them living not a few blocks from me. These are just some of the events that have proven to me that the Law of Attraction truly exists.

Now, last year at about this time (That would be 2010) I had managed to get under my control some of the issues that I had been dealing with over the last few years, and now I needed a new goal. That goal was to attract more love. Don’t get me wrong, I was living with my best friends at the time and we dearly love each other. I was looking for something deeper though. So I made a solid decision. Not just thought about wanting. Really decided, that I wanted more and deeper love in my life.

During that time, my13 year old brother was in and out of the local childrens hospital, eventually being diagnosed with severe colitis. It was difficult time for my family, and the fact that I lived almost an hour from them made things even tougher.

Things started to change for me about a month after I made the decision to have more love. My mother had just bought a second house for my sister and nephew to live in with a friend of hers. They began doing their renovations to get things ready and eventually I was recruited to help. Suddenly, I was spending every weekend with my mother, stepfather, sister and nephew. After I moved out of my parents home I began to drift from those relationships when I moved into the city, got a job and began working long hours. It felt good to reconnect with my family after all this time. Shortly after beginning renovations, my sisters roommate to be backed out of their arrangement and so I was offered the suit that we were building in the basement. I was fairly comfortable living with my friends in the city but this just felt right, and so I took up the offer. And so now I was living with my sister and young nephew, only a few minutes from my father and sick brother.

About a month before the house was ready my brother was admitted again to the hospital with complications and severe symptoms of his disease, and within weeks we were told that he was going to have his large intestine removed. And so I decided that I wanted to be there when he got home. I told my friends that I would be moving out within the month and asked my father if I could have the spare room for a time. So I moved home for 2 weeks, was there while my brother recovered and then moved into my new place with my sister 2 weeks later.

When I made my decision, I had been thinking more about romantic love and it took me some time to realize what had happened. I got what I TRULY wanted. I renewed and deepened relationships with everyone in my family. I’ve been watching my nephew while my sister goes to school and I really enjoy that. When a child hugs you with love it’s a really wonderful feeling. I sit and chat with my sister when she gets home late at night and that’s something that we have never done. I can call up my brother and go over any time I want. I’ve even cultivated a relationship with my father whom I harbored a lot of resentment towards. We’ve gone to concerts together and sometimes just sit and talk. I never thought that this would happen. I’ve spent more time with my mother in the last year than I did in possibly the last 15 years. This is the love that I really desired.

My relationships with my friends have also deepened. I’ve made new ones and left behind the ones that did not vibe with where my life was headed. I have really been blessed by love and though it isn’t exactly what I had in mind, like I said, it’s exactly what wanted in my heart.

The universe knows EXACTLY what’s in your heart. It knows what you really mean when you decide what you want. You just have to go with the flow.


Peace and love and kinder surprises to you all.