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Baby Steps to Inner Peace April 20, 2011

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I have a voice that longs to be heard. Peace to be shared. Love to be freely given. My strength is not in myself, but in those who have shared themselves with me.(Get your mind out of the gutter.) It is in the knowledge that peace is attainable and that love is infinite. This is the world that I see and the world that we all deserve to live in.

You may not believe as I do, but I promise you it is true. A friendly hug. A love letter. A hearty laugh. Even a kind thought, kept to yourself and directed at a passing stranger. Love is not meant to be directed at one particular person and it is not a grandiose gesture to be performed from time to time. Each one is a drop in the bucket, but the cumulative effect of which is not seen until the bucket overflows. It is the same with peace. Each of us is no more than a drop. Not particularly noticeable alone and easily burned away by the sun. But as a whole? We become infinitely more powerful. My strength is not in myself, it is in you, as yours is in me. Peace is the movement. Love is the answer.

But we are imperfect creatures in this perfect world. Both you and I take for granted those that we care the most for. We judge before we know. We ignore our own morals and justify it to ourselves. We fail and we fall. And we are lifted up again. We stand and move forward. Unfailingly and courageous. We all have an inner strength that shows itself in times of despair. When the night is blackest, our inner light shines and we are aware that the dwn is soon to break. We know that the night will always come and we know that the sun will always rise again. Yin and yang. There is no love without hurt, for how would we know what love feels like?

We have the strength to change, but to succeed we must accept. You must accept the racist and love them regardless. Accept the murderer the bank robber and the rapist. Have you walked their shoes? do you know the roads they have traveled?

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find sorrow and suffering enough to dispel all hostility.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If you have not walked that road how could you possibly be the one to pass judgement? I have been abused in every way you can think of. Sexually. Physically. Mentally and emotionally. I have suffered tremendous hurts and yet I refuse to believe that there is anyone beyond help. I believe that I can be an end to the cycle of hatred and violence. If peace doesn’t begin right here and now, where DOES it begin? Forgiveness is divine. Could you forgive? Forgive the man who raped you or the murderer who took the life of the one closest to you? Will carrying the painĀ  in your heart undo what has been done? No, the only thing it accomplishes is to spread more hate in the world. To prematurely age you and to lessen the quality of your life. To carry hate is to become less than what you deserve to be Forgiveness does not mean to forget or to condone. It is to accept and to let go. Remember though, to forgive does not mean to forget or condone. It is merely letting go. I really truly honestly believe that love can rehabilitate even the most heinous of criminals while hatred does nothing but lessen the quality of your own life. You dampen your own magnificent spirit with hatred and become something less than what you are meant to be.

What if you knew that the man who molested you had lived through war. Watched his friends die around him and his family starve. Been taken in by those who only thought to abuse him and then left him to fend for himself. Would you still hate? Or just might you find some compassion in your heart. Right and wrong is not always a cut and dry matter. Morality comes in shades of gray sometimes, and the best we can do… well… the best we can do is love, and pray that it’s enough.