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May 24, 2011

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To thy own self be true. We often live our lives according to the whims of others. Whether they be our parents, friends or teachers. Many of us choose our jobs and hobbies with the intention of pleasing those whom already surround us. Sometimes we become successful with these things, often we don’t. As a younger man, I would spend a lot of time hunting and fishing and camping with my family. I thought that I did these activities because I loved to do them. But upon moving out on my own, I ceased most of them within a few months. I began to realize that I did them because my fathers passion influenced me. Left to my own devices, I would rather pick up a book or a paintbrush or perhaps find a little dive restaurant with a close friend. I like to daydream and am fascinated by both future technology and ancient civilizations, as opposed to drunken bush parties or hitting the hottest clubs.

Growing up in small town Canada though, I was not only influence by my father but just by what I was SUPPOSED to be. I was supposed to love camping. I was supposed to like AC/DC and Nickelback and Seether, not Norah Jones and Amos Lee and Alexi Murdoch. I was supposed to watch hockey every time there was a game on, not be reading science fiction novels. And so, as I grew older I stopped doing the things that I enjoyed and started to participate in things that would help me fit in. I hung out with people I didn’t like and who didn’t particularly like me. I was an outcast among my friends. I was miserable and it only added to my depression.

And now, I’m surrounded by wonderfully eccentric people who love me precisely for the the things that others thought made me weak. I chose to do the things that made me happy and it has made all the difference in my life.

Don’t let those fools tell what it means to be strong. What it means to be alive. Always always always follow your heart. You’ll never be steered wrong. Your heart is the guiding light of your life. Listen to it. “First star on the right and straight on till morning.”

Much love.



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